Encourage Your Baby’s Physical Development: 9-12 Months

The “playtime activities” you will do with your baby will accelerate your baby’s physical development and strengthen the bond between you.

Get to his level

Lie on the floor with your baby. Talk about the toys, colors, and shapes you play with. Throw him a ball and encourage him to roll the ball to you.

Let him crawl with you
Lie on the floor and watch your baby crawl. (He will do this without encouragement and will continue to do so for years.) It will keep itself afloat while using you as a support.
Create an obstacle course
Create an obstacle for your baby to cross. They’ll love climbing tunnels made from boxes, under the chair, or behind the sofa.

Roll Over
Play with rolling, moving toys like balls and cars. Your baby will sit down and learn this back and forth movement with you or by himself.
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Continue this game by using your hands, blanket, or towel to briefly close your baby’s eyes, then lowering what you’re closing and letting him see you.
Popping a cake
Make popcorn with your baby, alternatively clap your hands and squeeze them.

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