Experienced parents, friends, and the community give you well-intentioned advice about their parenting. But how can you be sure that their advice is correct? Let’s get help from Andrew Adesman’s book “Baby Facts” and take a look at some baby myths.

Baby’s Sleeping Position

Myth: There is no problem with your baby lying on his side.

Fact: To make sure your baby sleeps healthier and correctly, you should make his/her position supine or on his/her stomach and sometimes put supports next to him/her.

Experts explain: “Babies sometimes roll on their own when you’re not with them, and they’re more likely to roll when you put them on their side. For this reason, the safest sleeping position is to lie on your back. ‘’

Sleep Control

Myth: You should control when and how much your newborn sleeps.

Fact: Newborn babies can fall asleep when they’re ready and have no trouble waking up when they’re wet, upset, or hurt, and give you the necessary clues when they wake up.

Experts explain: “The key word here is‘ newborn’. Many parents are trying to draw a schedule, but since the babies are very young, they are not yet ready to follow your schedule and make a habit of it. ”


Myth: Swaddling is an outdated method of comforting a fussy baby.

Fact: Swaddling can be an effective and relaxing technique when done properly.

Experts explain: “Arson is a very useful technique for relieving. Some parents worry about their baby overheating, but it’s not a problem if they’re properly dressed. It is only important how you position it inside the swaddle, for which you can consult your doctor.

Your Baby’s Lunch Sleep

Myth: Sleeping in a car seat, on the couch, or as a guest doesn’t count as a nap.

Fact: If your child is sleeping quietly, it will be counted.

Experts explain: “If your child can really sleep comfortably, it doesn’t matter much where he sleeps at noon.” So if your baby falls asleep somewhere else outside the cot, there’s really no reason to transfer him. And don’t force her to sleep again after thinking that this sleep is inadequate.

Cereals Given at Bedtime

Myth: Giving a bottle of rice or cereal before bed helps babies sleep through the night.

Fact: There is no evidence that this method has any effect on the baby’s sleep.

Experts explain: “In fact, if you think the opposite, it can be unsafe to consume rice and grains too early. Because babies may not be able to digest their rice and cereals before 4 months. Parents are trying to rush the natural process and push milestones forward, but this practice is not really recommended for your babies. ”

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