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Babies using Canbebe are in a good mood! Canbebe is friendly to your baby's skin with its BPA, Paraben and Perfume-free formula!

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Canbebe so that your baby's sleep is not disturbed! The feeling of comfort and dryness all day long is at Canbebe!

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Sensitive care for your baby is at Canbebe!

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Create a safe space for your baby wherever you are with the Canbebe Baby Diaper Changing Mat.

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Baby care

Games and Toys for Your 3-Month-Old Baby

0 Comments3 Minutes

At this time, your baby may also start to show interest in objects and toys that he/she can touch or hold. Choose toys that are lightweight, easy to grasp by hand, too big to…

Strategies to Put Your Baby to Sleep

0 Comments5 Minutes

Newborns have difficulty distinguishing between day and night, which explains their short bursts. However, when your baby is a few weeks old, he can start to teach himself the…

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With its strong commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability, Ontex is the leading supplier of high-quality personal hygiene products and services, making it the preferred business partner of numerous consumer, retailer, lifestyle brand partners, corporate and private healthcare providers around the world.

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Ontex is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality personal hygiene products. Globally, we are a preferred business partner by consumers, retailers, business partners with lifestyle brands, corporate and private healthcare providers. We work to make a positive impact on society and make people’s lives better.

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