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Questions and answers about our products and brand

Canbebe diapers have new absorbent distributor channel technology, non-marking soft leg plastics and better wrapping properties.

Canbebe baby diapers are offered in newborn, mini, midi, maxi, maxi plus, junior, extra large and XXL sizes.

Canbebe diapers are offered to you with advantage and jumbo package options.

Canbebe baby care cover prevents minor accidents during the baby’s diaper change, provides a hygienic environment and creates a playground with cute patterns.

New Canbebe baby diapers have been renewed with features such as faster absorbency, anatomical structure, purple design and new packaging.

Canbebe diapers are distinguished from their competitors by their herbal upper surface.

Baby diapers are produced in Istanbul Selimpaşa factory.

Prices may vary according to the sales channel and products are sold at the price determined by the retailer making the sale.

You can buy Canbebe products from places such as medical markets, pharmacies, markets. There is also the option to purchase online.

You can choose the package size suitable for your baby’s weight. You can also take advantage of the progress tables on the Canbebe website.

Canbebe’s website is located at In addition, Facebook and instagram pages are and CanbebeTürkiye (@ canbebeturkiye), respectively.

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