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Games and Toys for Your 3-Month-Old Baby

0 Comments3 Minutes

At this time, your baby may also start to show interest in objects and toys that he/she can touch or hold. Choose toys that are lightweight, easy to grasp by hand, too big to…

Strategies to Put Your Baby to Sleep

0 Comments5 Minutes

Newborns have difficulty distinguishing between day and night, which explains their short bursts. However, when your baby is a few weeks old, he can start to teach himself the…

Is It Normal for My Baby to Reject Me?

0 Comments2 Minutes

Yes, it's quite common for babies to sometimes ignore a parent. Your newborn baby learns to recognize your face, and when you smile, for example, for a period of 6 to 8 weeks, you…

Sleep Myths You Should Know

0 Comments3 Minutes

Experienced parents, friends, and the community give you well-intentioned advice about their parenting. But how can you be sure that their advice is correct? Let's get help from…

Physical Development of Your 9-12 Months Old Baby

0 Comments2 Minutes

Encourage Your Baby's Physical Development: 9-12 Months The "playtime activities" you will do with your baby will accelerate your baby's physical development and strengthen the…

Newborn Infants’ Crib Sleep

0 Comments2 Minutes

How and where to put your newborn to sleep is a personal choice, but a hood or crib has some advantages for a newborn. Since your baby is tiny when he's just born, he may be safer…

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