How and where to put your newborn to sleep is a personal choice, but a hood or crib has some advantages for a newborn. Since your baby is tiny when he’s just born, he may be safer in a smaller crib than a full-length crib. But because it’s thought to involve some risks, you may not feel comfortable when your baby is in the crib with the extra pillow or extra quilt.

You can also decide which one is right for you by comparing the size of a crib or stroller. If you have limited space, pushchairs make it easier for your baby to sleep in the same room as you. Doctors recommend that babies sleep in the same room as their parents, even if they are not going to sleep in the same bed, because it is thought to reduce the dangers during sleep and increase the bond between mother and baby. In addition, the fact that the baby and the mother stay in the same room makes things easier for mothers who are breastfed at night.

Portability is another advantage of the stroller. Children are easily transported to another room so that your baby can fall asleep in a room of your choice and continue to sleep in another room at night.

If you use a cradle or hood, make sure that it is well supported from the bottom so that it does not collapse or contain danger. It should also be broad-based to eliminate the possibility of being knocked over if someone bumps into it. Keep in mind the weight and size limitations of the manufacturers; remember that when your baby is too big for smaller beds, there will be no room for the baby to move. If you cannot find the manufacturer’s instructions, it is reasonable to ask the place where you bought the cradle if there is a carrying limit of 20 kilos.

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