Your baby’s sleep patterns can be affected by many things such as diseases, holidays, changes in his life and development process. Infants between 6 and 10 months of age often begin to wake up at night. Researchers are not entirely sure why this happens, but many think it is physiological or developmental.

If your baby starts waking up too often at night, examine your baby’s physical and psychological development to assess the situation. For example, if something has changed in your baby’s environment or he/she may wake up at night because he/she is not satisfied with the temperature with the warming and cooling of the weather. Apart from that, he/she may be uncomfortable with the light in the room or the noise of the neighbors. If you notice that there is a problem, you should start looking for ways to solve it. You can try to reduce the light in the room where he/she sleeps and prefer a room where there is no street or neighboring noise.

Then consider whether sudden night wakings are due to illness, vacation, or a change in your baby’s routine. If not, consider whether these awakenings coincide with a developmental milestone such as teething or weaning. Apart from these, if your baby has learned a new motor skill, he/she may want to try it day and night at every opportunity without realizing it. Some babies may want to wake up and practice what they have learned because their curiosity continues even at night. Recent research suggests that a few weeks of disrupted sleep may send the message that a new developmental milestone is approaching, such as learning to walk.

The best way to deal with sudden nighttime awakenings is not to try to make a change in your baby’s routines. For example, do not suddenly change your baby’s bedtime routine or sleep patterns. Nighttime awakenings may also decrease if you keep things organized and consistent for a while, such as eating times, what they watch before sleep, what they eat, or who they see. In addition, it will be beneficial to prepare an environment where he/she can sleep more comfortably before going to bed. This is a temporary situation for your baby and whatever the problem is, he/she will overcome it as soon as possible and end up tired of waking up at night.

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