If your baby is crying, he probably wants to tell you something. Crying is the way babies report that they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, or exposed to too many stimulants that day. Sometimes it is necessary to let the baby cry, but when your baby cries, it is best to go to him/her immediately, especially for newborn babies. Don’t worry about giving your baby too much attention or pampering. On the contrary, studies have shown that babies who are with them when they cry exhibit more docile behaviors when they grow up.

Hunger :
Many babies feed every 1-2 hours over a 24-hour period and usually wake up at night to feed. Calm babies may suck their fingers or become cranky when they feel hungry. More active babies, on the other hand, react more when they are hungry. Then, when they start to feed excitedly, they swallow a lot of air with the milk, which can cause them to cry more with the gas compression.


Just like adults, babies don’t like things that make them uncomfortable. Problems with the stomach, gas and indigestion are common causes of discomfort in babies. If your baby gets cranky after feeding, he may have a stomach ache and often stops crying when you pass the gas. Heat can also be a source of discomfort in babies. He/she may cry if he/she is very cold or hot. Clothes that squeeze and itch her body also make her cry. Make sure that the clothes do not tighten the waist, do not rub the collar on the face, do not collect the arms and legs while moving or that the fabric it wears does not itch. For some babies, these are things that are impossible to tolerate.

Loneliness, boredom and fear:

Babies sometimes cry just to get attention, love and affection. If your baby is crying, she may be bored and scared, or she may feel lonely. A baby who craves love and affection can calm down just by seeing you, hearing your voice, feeling your touch, or being held. Babies love to be held because they see their parents, hear their voices and hear their heartbeat.

Extreme exhaustion:

When a baby is overly tired, they release their tension by crying. Tired babies usually show this condition by being cranky. Your baby may need more sleep than you think. Newborn babies usually sleep 16 hours a day. Excessive noise, movement, or visual stimulation can also cause your baby to cry.

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