The fact that babies do not like to sleep in the cradle is a common situation, according to what parents say. But what’s unclear is whether babies don’t want to sleep in cribs because they don’t like their cribs or just don’t want to sleep alone. For some babies, leaving the fun activities to be done during the day and sleeping is already annoying and they have difficulty sleeping, so this may be the first reason.

Apart from this, some babies may want to fall asleep in their mothers’ arms, hugging their fathers or breastfeeding. When you notice that he is sleepy, if you put him in the crib, he will get angry and think that what he wants has not been fulfilled. As a result, he/she may start to perceive lying in the crib as a punishment.

Thinking that there is a problem with your baby’s sleeping ritual, review whether there is a problem with your baby’s cradle before making some serious changes. You can start by trying to make your baby’s crib fun. During the day, you can put some of her favorite toys inside the crib or play hide-and-seek inside the crib. Then you can take steps to adjust the hours you put him in his crib to play with toys close to bedtime.

At the end of these steps, your baby may start to think of his/her crib as a fun place and stop seeing it as a punishment area. After you solve this problem, you should try to develop better sleep habits for your baby. You can try to help him/her to fall asleep on his/her own or to develop habits so that he/she does not need a pacifier to fall asleep.

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