According to experts, the memory of small babies is not yet very well developed. This is because the parts of memory that will enable them to remember objects and people have not yet developed. Memory episodes of infants begin to develop from 6 months of age. From the 6th month, babies can start to remember things. According to experts, babies’ recall of people is closely related to the frequency of seeing them. For example, if your baby sees his grandparents every week, he’ll probably recognize them when he’s 6 or 9 months old. In fact, if he sees them every day, his memory will be refreshed, so even a few weeks will be enough for him to start getting to know them. You can see it by smiling when their faces are familiar to your baby.

You may be surprised when your baby can’t remember someone he only sees once a month. It may even take a few years for your baby to remember the people he sees once a month. You can also use pictures or video calls of people your baby has seen before to strengthen their memory. In addition to improving the memory of people, creating routines and showing similar things to your baby will be very useful in improving the memory department.

Recognition of objects and people in your baby’s general memory works in different ways. People can change and look different at different times. Your baby’s recollection of changing people is very closely related to how he records people in his memory. For this reason, you may be quite surprised that he/she sees a lot of people and that the frequency of seeing these people contributes to improving his/her memory.

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