Development of the Baby

In the 3rd month of pregnancy, the embryo stage is over and your baby has become a fetus. The fetus is the name given to the baby in the womb from the 10th week until birth.

Almost all organs started to work in the baby at 3 months of pregnancy. The pancreas began to produce insulin. At the end of the 3rd month, the intestines are fully settled in the abdomen.

Your baby will no longer need the yolk sac, which previously provided blood cells. Because the bone marrow, spleen and liver will now take over this task.

The yolk sac (egg sac) disappears completely at the end of the 3rd month.

Your baby continues to develop limbs such as arms, legs and fingers. Their tiny fingers, which have developed touch points at their tips, are growing longer. In the 2nd month, the fingers, which were adhered to each other with the webbing structure, started to decompose this month.
At 3 months of pregnancy, the baby’s shoulder and elbow structures continue to form. The baby’s cartilage structures began to ossify gradually. Bone development supports the development of joints. The baby’s skull is more ideally shaped. Its neck began to become more and more visible. Its back is even flatter.
At the end of the 3rd month, the heart beats a little slower than in the previous weeks, but still beats fast (160-18 beats per minute).
At the end of 3 months of pregnancy, your baby’s face is proportionally smaller than his/her body. She continues to look much cuter every day. Facial features have become more pronounced. The forehead area is wide. As their ears grow, they begin to take their normal shape. The inner ear and middle ear are completely formed. The eyes are closer to the front of the face than in previous weeks. Her eyes are colored.
The baby’s digestive system works very well. The baby swallows the amniotic fluid and filters it through the kidneys and intestines, releasing it back into the amniotic fluid as urine. Thanks to the blood pumping system transferred from the mother to the baby’s body, both oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the baby and at the same time the baby’s waste is disposed of from the body. The umbilical cord supplies your baby with oxygenated blood to help them survive.

3-Month Baby Moves

The movements of the 3-month-old baby in the womb accelerate even more than in the past weeks. Your baby can open and close his/her mouth, stick his/her thumb in his/her mouth and turn his/her head.
At 3 months of pregnancy, the baby can now stretch her whole body and respond to stimuli in the form of manual pressure from the outside with reflex movements.
Its skin is covered with fine hairs (Lanugo). In addition, all of your baby's tooth buds continue to develop.

Ultrasound Image

Since the skin layer and bones will become thicker every week, the 3-month-old baby appears in the ultrasound image in the form of a tiny human.
The head has been growing for a few weeks now and you can see in the 3-month pregnancy image that your baby’s head is now one-third the size of its body.
You can see the 3-month-old baby kicking and moving his arms and fingers.
If his hand touches his face, the baby can make reflex movements. In the ultrasound images of the 3-month-old baby, you can see that he put his thumb in his mouth.
Some doctors can tell the gender of the baby at the end of 3 months. Sometimes the baby does not allow this prediction in terms of position.

Changes in the Mother's Body

When the third month of pregnancy is over, your uterus has reached the size of a large grapefruit. It's normal to feel occasional muscle aches on your sides as your uterus grows.
Some expectant mothers may experience sexual desire and sexual intercourse may be more enjoyable than before pregnancy, as the increased blood volume at three months of pregnancy will cause an increase in the amount of blood going to the genitals. However, many women experience the opposite. The fact that expectant mothers do not find themselves attractive during pregnancy and some expectant fathers do not find their spouses attractive during this period reduces sexual desire in couples during pregnancy. In addition, the feeling of nausea, weakness, emotional fluctuations of the expectant mother and the feeling of mild pain caused by excessive blood flow to the sexual area may prevent couples from having sex during pregnancy. It is good for couples to talk about this situation and to focus on the excitement of bringing a life together.

Symptoms of a 3-month pregnancy include:
– Feeling tired,
– Excessive desire to sleep,
– Frequent urge to urinate,
– Interruption of night sleep,
– Swelling, pain and tenderness in the breast area,
– Thickening in the waist area,
– Nausea, heartburn and indigestion,
– Headaches
– Constipation
– Dryness, itching and acne on skin.
– Groin pains.

Pregnancy Mask

Skin problems may continue in the 3rd month. On the face, the Pregnancy Mask (Chloasma) can be seen, causing dark spots on different parts of the body. This condition is usually temporary and improves over time after birth.

Binary Test

The Binary Test, which is one of the routine tests of pregnancy at the 3rd month ( 11-14th You should have a test done between weeks). With this test, the nuchal translucency is analysed on ultrasound and the baby is evaluated for Down syndrome.

Points need to be considered

With this test, the nuchal translucency is analysed on ultrasound and the baby is evaluated for Down syndrome. If you're working, it's time to tell your manager. Before talking to your manager, it is useful to learn about your pregnancy rights.
You may have bleeding gums. Brushing your teeth regularly relaxes you. If necessary, do not hesitate to have the treatments recommended by the dentist. Today, dental treatments are applied safely during pregnancy,

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