Development of the Baby

To feel your baby growing inside you must be one of the best feelings in the world. On the other hand, you must be curious about what is going on inside and the stages of development in it.

Here are the differences in baby development at 17 weeks…

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, the arms, legs, head and torso are in proportion to each other. The changes in the skin continue; it starts to get fat and develop sweat glands. These body fats protect them. They also generates heat in their body, meaning it keeps them warm. The baby will start to gain fat, which will help the baby to grow into a chubbier shape until birth.The 17-week-old baby will start storing calcium this week. Therefore, it is beneficial to continue to eat a calcium-containing diet.

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s heartbeat began to be regulated by the brain. Therefore, the baby is a bit calmer than in previous weeks.

The placenta continues to grow with your baby, enabling exchange between the baby and the mother and filtering out carbon dioxide.

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, the baby can hear sounds and feel bright lights reflecting off its mother’s belly.

Everything is fine in their body systems and works just fine. Since they swallow the amniotic fluid and urinates, their digestive system is constantly working. Meanwhile, they continue their breathing attempts.

In the 17th week of pregnancy, your baby’s nipples and nipples are formed. Millions of ovaries continue to form in baby girls. By the time she’s born, that number will have dropped to about one or two million. The prostate will begin to form in the next week in male babies.

In the 17th week of pregnancy, the baby’s eyes are in place and moving, but he/she cannot open the eyelids yet.

Ultrasound Image

In the 17-week pregnancy ultrasound image, you can watch your baby moving. You’ll be thrilled to see them move their tiny fingers. You can see them grasping with their tiny hands or clasping their hands together. Or touching their own face and sucking their finger…

In the 17-week baby ultrasound image, you may notice that he/she has switched to more cute and babyish forms because his/her weight gain has also accelerated and his/her cheeks have started to be much fuller.

Can a 17-week-old baby's movements be felt?

You can see in the 17th week ultrasound image that he continues his little kicks. In fact, the baby’s movements have become even stronger this week as the baby’s muscles are getting stronger. In other words, baby movements are felt at 17 weeks of pregnancy. If you still don’t feel your baby’s movements, don’t worry. Some expectant mothers may feel the movements in later weeks, between 22-26 weeks at the latest.

Changes in the Mother's Body

It is often a matter of curiosity which month coincides with the weeks of pregnancy. So, how many months is 17 weeks? You have reached the end of the 17th week of pregnancy and the 4th month of pregnancy.
Changes in the mother at 17 weeks of pregnancy are as follows:
– They had started hiccups in the previous weeks, but you may feel these hiccups for the first time in the 17th week of pregnancy,
– Doctors may recommend fetal DNA testing at seventeen weeks of gestation to some expectant mothers, especially those at risk of giving birth to a baby with a chromosomal disorder. In fact, today, only this can be done instead of double, triple and quadruple tests.

What is the status of the mother's womb in 17 weeks of pregnancy?

At 17 weeks of pregnancy, as your belly grows, it seems that you are now pregnant. You won’t believe how fast your belly will grow from these weeks on. Now you should choose more comfortable clothes. Wearing comfortable clothes is very important for your blood circulation to be healthy.

Points need to be considered

Here’s what to look out for in week 17 of pregnancy:

– You may have forgetfulness problems during pregnancy. Instead of making this situation a source of sadness, you can take some measures. You can make a list of things you need to remember during the day (such as not forgetting the house key when you leave the house, not leaving the iron plugged in…) and things you need to do (shopping list, paying bills, etc…) and stick it on your fridge.

– During pregnancy, you can confuse the feeling of fullness in your nose with allergies. Or your allergies may increase during this period. Against pregnancy allergies, you can pay attention to:

Ensure that your home and sheets are cleaned regularly in case you are affected by dust and myths. If possible, get support from an assistant for cleaning,
Don’t spend too much time outdoors in the spring when pollen is flying around,
Be wary of foods with a high potential for allergies. Do not consume foods that cause an allergic reaction in your body,
If you have an animal allergy, stay away from animals or if you have a pet, do not get too close and do not sleep in the same room with it,
Absolutely stay away from smoking environments.
– You should take 2-3 meals a day from protein-containing foods during pregnancy. The amount of one meal is suitable between 85-100 grams of red meat or chicken, 150 grams of fish, 30-60 grams of cheese and 125 grams of dried legumes,

– Since it has protein and Omega 3 content, it is ideal to eat fish twice a week. When consuming fish, you should avoid mercury-containing ones. Because high mercury consumption can adversely affect the baby’s brain and nervous system development. Mercury content is very high in very oily fish. Bottom fish can also be risky. The healthiest are surface fish. Do not consume swordfish and tuna, which are very high in mercury during pregnancy. Mercury is much lower in fish such as sardines, anchovies and horse mackerel. There may also be heavy metals in the bluefish. Choose surface fish from the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Do not consume sushi and mussels during pregnancy.

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