Is it normal for my baby to look at his/her hands?

Yes, if it is a small baby, this is normal, says Child Life New Year’s Editor Tania Remer Altmann, “Starting at about 2 months, it’s normal for babies to look at their hands like curling moving toys.” It is also natural for him/her to see his/her own hand in front of him/her and find it fascinating.

At 2 months, your baby’s vision has developed a lot. Thanks to their developing brains and stronger eye muscles, they can see things further away and pick out more details.

Babies aged 2-3 months sometimes cannot take their eyes off their mother until she moves, says Altmann, who says that the same detection can take place with their own hands. “It’s all part of their development,” he says, “and it’s a great way to entertain herself/himself.”

Very soon your baby will like to see new and different things and will recognise them. For example, if you hold a brand new rattle, his eyes may widen and he may stare at his new toy for longer than a familiar toy. A baby looking at her/his hands is simply acquiring the visual ability and coordination to put her/his hands together – preparing for even greater developmental tricks.

After about 3 months, babies will deliberately put their hands together and try to catch objects or grasp things. At this point, your baby will probably be more interested in using them than looking at her/his hands!

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