Development of the Baby

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, there is a noticeable increase in your baby’s growth rate. Your baby grows 2-3 times compared to the previous week.
In the 7th week, the facial area continues to develop even more prominently in the baby. His mouth and tongue begin to form in a tiny way. Budding begins in the legs. The budding in the arms last week gets even bigger and takes the shape of a shovel. Hands and shoulders begin to form.
In the 7th week of pregnancy, the eyes, nostrils, gallbladder, intestines and pancreas also continue to develop more prominently. Ear structures begin to form. Eyelids are about to be completed.
In the seven-week-old baby, joints were formed in the knees, elbows and wrists. Other organs continue to develop cellularly. Gender was determined at the cellular level.
During the 7th week of pregnancy, the thyroid gland continues to develop. The central neural tube is divided into the brain and spinal cord. The baby’s brain gets bigger. Nerve cells that will form the nervous system cells that will transmit messages from the brain to the body begin to form. Sensitive and interconnected anterior, middle and posterior brain parts of the brain have begun to form.
At 7 weeks of pregnancy, the right and left heart valves of the heart begin to develop. His heart beats much faster than last week. The heart beats at 180 beats per minute, twice as fast as an adult. Blood circulation has started in the baby.
The digestive system begins to be structured as a bud.

Ultrasound Image

In the 7-week gestational ultrasound image, the embryo is completely settled in the amniotic sac and survives in the fluid in this sac. The fact that the baby is growing inside the amniotic sac protects it against external factors. The 7-week-old baby is C-shaped in the womb, and the head and tail are prominent. The ring-shaped structure right next to the embryo is the yolk sac and is clearly visible this week. Although the function of the yolk sac is not fully determined, it is estimated that it enables the production of baby’s blood cells. Due to its structure, it acts as a liver. The yolk sac, which looks black on the inside, is almost attached to the wall of the gestational sac. As the baby grows, the chorionic space between the gestational sac and the uterus will decrease and the yolk sac will disappear between approximately 10-12 weeks.

At the 7th week of pregnancy, the placenta is more prominent on ultrasound.

The doctor will measure the baby’s height at each examination. In this week, the doctor evaluates the baby’s brain and heart development.

If necessary, your doctor may recommend vaginal ultrasonography at 7 weeks of pregnancy. In early pregnancy, vaginal ultrasonography allows the structures to be detected earlier than abdominal ultrasonography. Vaginal ultrasonography does not cause any harm to the baby.

Changes in the Mother's Body

If you found out about your pregnancy this week, your doctor will calculate your gestational week and estimated date of birth. These calculations are based on the first day of the last menstrual period.

Nausea may continue among the symptoms of weekly pregnancy. The most important reason for nausea in the 7th month of pregnancy is the increased Beta hCG hormone due to pregnancy. It is estimated that nausea is a mechanism created so that the expectant mother does not consume everything, especially things that may be harmful, during the first months when the baby’s organs are formed. After the first 3 months, nausea disappears in many expectant mothers.
Symptoms of 7 weeks of pregnancy include a feeling of fatigue. Among the possible reasons for the intensity of fatigue during this period; increased blood volume in the body of the expectant mother, increase in progesterone hormone and growth in the embryo are shown.

During the 7th week of pregnancy, you may become overly emotional. You may feel disgusted with certain foods. Or you may be excessively craving certain foods.

Points need to be considered

From the 7th week of pregnancy, nausea is inevitable for some expectant mothers. Here are a few suggestions to get you through this process:

– Do not consume fatty foods,

– Eat frequently and little,

– Snack on a low-salt cracker before getting out of bed,

– Drink mint tea.


If you have frequent severe vomiting, dehydration may occur in the body. In this case, the water and minerals lost by giving serum in the hospital are replaced. If you feel nauseous and your vomiting continues severely in the days after you take the serum, your doctor will recommend an anti-nausea medicine. It is stated that anti-nausea drugs are safe in the early stages of pregnancy.

In the 7th week of pregnancy, fatigue and drowsiness may be experienced intensely. In order to tolerate this situation, which is special for the first weeks of pregnancy, it is good for the expectant mother to rest and sleep as much as the body needs during this period.

During the 7th week of pregnancy, you may have some extreme emotional reactions. You may cry over something small or accuse your spouse or relatives of being incomprehensible. Even if this is caused by hormones, it can cause people around to worry. In the first regret you feel after such negative moments, if you say that this situation is due to pregnancy, you can see that the other person is very relieved.

Among the changes in the mother at the 7th week of pregnancy, there may be a feeling of fullness, tension and pain in the breast area. If this makes you uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to change your bra. Otherwise, your complaints may increase even more.

From the seventh week of pregnancy, expectant mothers may experience an excessive craving for certain foods. This condition, called craving, usually occurs as a result of hormonal changes. It is stated that craving may also occur because the body needs a vitamin or mineral that is deficient. This may occur more frequently, especially in expectant mothers who experience intense nausea and have to be deprived of certain foods. Craving can sometimes be a way to attract attention in expectant mothers who do not receive much attention from their spouses and relatives. Whatever it is, it should not be insensitive to the desires of the body and the expectant mother should eat the food she desires if possible (if it is seasonal and a food that can be found).

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