Development of the Baby

Your baby continues to grow gram by gram in your belly. Your baby, who has been developing as an embryo so far, is only 1 week away from becoming a fetus.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s limbs, such as arms, legs, and fingers, continue to develop. Its tiny fingers, which have developed touch points at their ends, have begun to grow. Its toes were stick together with the curtain structure last week, and from this week onwards, the fingers began to separate.

In the 9th week of pregnancy, the baby’s shoulder and elbow structures continue to form. The baby’s cartilage structures began to ossify gradually. Bone development supports the development of joints. The baby’s skull is more ideally shaped. Its neck began to become more and more visible. Its back is even flatter.

The tip of the nose, nostrils and ears continue to develop more prominently.

In the 9th week of pregnancy, your baby’s eyes still rest on both sides of the head, and they will settle in the middle in the following weeks. There is little time left for one of the exciting developments; the eyelids are preparing for their opening and closing movements this week!

In the 9th week of pregnancy, your baby can open and close his/her mouth and turn his/her head. He/she can move his/her arms and legs. The expectant mother will not feel these movements yet.

Almost all organs started to work in the 9-week-old baby. The digestive system began to form. The liver begins to function and the pancreas begins to produce insulin. The bowels moved to take their place in the abdomen.

The four chambers of the heart, which beat 160-180 beats per minute, twice as fast as your heartbeat, were formed last week. Valves were formed to allow the blood in the heart to flow.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, your baby will no longer need the yolk sac, which previously provided blood cells. Because the bone marrow, spleen and liver will now take over this task.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s umbilical cord continues to mature. Are you curious about the function of the umbilical cord that provides vital support between you and your baby? The umbilical cord supplies your baby with oxygenated blood to help them survive. Thanks to the blood pumping system transferred from the mother to the baby’s body, both oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the baby and at the same time the baby’s waste is disposed of from the body.

Ultrasound Image

The 9-week-old baby’s eyes can be clearly seen in the ultrasound image.

At 9 weeks, the baby’s head rests on his chest and abdomen as usual on the ultrasound. It can be seen that his head has become a little more rounded.

Reproductive organs continue to develop in the 9-week-old baby in the womb, but the baby’s gender is not yet distinguishable on ultrasound.

In the 9-week pregnancy ultrasound image, you can see that your joints are starting to move, but you won’t be able to feel it. There’s still time for that. Doctors can see the baby’s gender more clearly from the 16th week.

Changes in the Mother's Body

The most obvious of the changes in the mother at the 9th week of pregnancy is that the uterus continues to grow. Your uterus has reached a medium orange size this week. It’s still behind the pubis, the pubis. The most important factor that ensures the growth of the uterus is the increase in the blood circulation in the body of the expectant mother. In pregnancy, especially in the first 3 months, 25 of the blood coming out of the heart is directed to the face, the uterus and the placenta.

Due to the increased blood volume in the 9th week of pregnancy, the vessels in the expectant mother begin to appear more prominent.

The increase in blood volume at 9 weeks of pregnancy can also cause you to experience occasional nosebleeds.

The high amount of blood in your body also protects against blood loss during childbirth.

Nipples continue to darken and grow.

You may have a frequent urge to urinate as a result of the kidneys working harder and the pressure of the uterus on the bladder.

Nausea at 9 weeks of pregnancy may continue to be intense in some expectant mothers. Here are the causes of nausea during pregnancy:

– Increase in the pregnancy hormone Beta hCG. From the 13th week, this hormone disappears. For this reason, nausea in many expectant mothers lasts between 13-15 weeks,

– Sudden drops in blood sugar. For this reason, when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach, nausea becomes more. Nausea may occur due to low blood sugar before other meals,

– The increase in the hormone progesterone relaxes the stomach muscles and slows the passage of food into the intestine. This can lead to an excess of stomach acid and therefore nausea,

In cases of excessive vomiting; you need to be hospitalized and replace the loss of water, salt and sugar in your body with serum,

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, there may sometimes be a small amount of vaginal bleeding in expectant mothers. This may not be a negative thing, but you should still tell your doctor.

Points need to be considered

Skin problems may occur in some expectant mothers in the ninth week of pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and using natural skin care products helps your skin relax.

Remember that the ups and downs in your mood are temporary. Enjoy growing your baby every day.

Darkening of the genital area is among the symptoms of 9 weeks of pregnancy. Your vaginal discharge may increase. If this discharge is yellow, smelly and it itches, you should inform your doctor.

At 9 weeks of pregnancy, you should continue to consume protein regularly in nutrition. The need for calcium is also very high during this period. You should consume a total of 1000-1500 mg of calcium-containing foods per day. If you cannot consume milk, you should consume cheese, yogurt or kefir. Do not consume junk food, fast food and sugary foods. You can satisfy your sugar cravings with fruit and naturally dried fruits. Well-washed salads and undercooked vegetables are also powerful sources of vitamin C. When buying packaged foods, including ready-to-eat breads, read the labels carefully and never consume foods that contain preservatives, palm oil, aspartame, glucose syrup. Buy and consume organic and natural foods as much as possible.

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