Development of the Baby

You must have said an “Oh wow” as you left the first 6 months of pregnancy behind. It is very natural that you start to get impatient as the birth approaches. Even if your baby is born prematurely within these last 3 months, she has a high chance of survival. You should try to keep yourself refreshed in this process, because 90 percent of babies are born on or near their due date.

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, most of the small airways (bronchioles) in the lungs have been replaced and the number of small air sacs (alveoli) has increased. Surfactant material, which reduces the surface pressure inside these air sacs, also continues to form. The production of this substance will be completed in the 35th week. As their lungs develop, they continues to breathe rhythmically in preparation for the postpartum period.

They continue to suck their finger, thus developing their sucking muscles. Breast sucking ability of facial muscles will be completed at 35-36weeks.

At the 29th week of pregnancy, their skin is pink and wrinkled. Subcutaneous fat is increasing.
The part of your baby’s brain related to intelligence and temperament continues to develop.

Their reactions to different sounds, foods, and lights are even more conscious.

Red blood cells are developing in their bones. At the 29th week of pregnancy, the baby’s bones retain their flexible structure even if they harden. This flexibility continues after birth. Complete hardening of the bones will occur in childhood. Brain bones are also soft. After all, babies need to have flexible bones when passing through the birth canal. The soft skull bones of the baby, called the fontanelle, both boil and harden up to 1-1.5 years after birth.

Baby Movements at 29-Weeks Pregnancy

The baby is mobile as their muscles continue to strengthen. Inside, it still has room to rotate and change positions.

The nervous system continues to develop and strengthen in the 29-week-old baby. Prepare yourself for small punches and kick strokes to be hard.

Ultrasound Image

As they harden, the bones appear brightly on ultrasound.

Your baby continues their breathing practices to mature their lungs. You can see these movements in the ultrasound images of the 29th week of pregnancy.

On the ultrasound, you can see that them sucking their finger or jumping because they hiccup.

In the 29-week baby image, your baby may have started to stand upside down. If they are still standing straight, that is, if its head is up, do not worry, it will most likely take its upside down position until birth. You don’t have to worry about a preterm birth because the baby is upside down 10-11 weeks before its due date! This is quite normal and they are in a good mood in this position. Approximately 96 percent of babies turn upside down until birth.

Changes in the Mother's Body

How many months is 29 weeks? You are in the 7th month of your pregnancy and in the last trimester (3rd trimester).

As the baby grows in the 29th week of pregnancy, there will be movements in the places of your internal organs. Your stomach and intestines squeeze upwards. The muscles in the uterus are strong enough to prevent damage to your internal organs. This tightness in your stomach and intestines is the biggest cause of indigestion in your digestive system.

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, you may now experience a feeling of frustration caused by waiting. You can ask for the move to end as soon as possible. Or you may have some concerns about the baby. This can also reflect on your dreams as a nightmare. When you have a nightmare, it is unwarranted that you feel that these things will happen. These nightmares are a reflection of your fears and worries and a way to deal with them.

Around the 29th week of pregnancy, the hormone prolactin increases in your body, which leads to the formation of milk in your breasts. Colostrum, the baby’s first milk, has already begun to form. Sometimes this milk can even leak from your breasts. Don’t fuss and wear a breast pad occasionally to avoid staining your clothing.

An increase in your blood pressure can cause high blood pressure (preeclampsia). The doctor may say that the baby should be born because this situation can be life-threatening if experienced severely.

Will a 29-Week-Old Baby Survive?

Since the lungs have largely completed their development and the immune system has developed enough to protect the baby, a 29-week-old baby has a chance of surviving after birth, albeit with medical help. Between 24-36 weeks of birth is called preterm birth. Symptoms of premature birth include:

– Frequent contractions in your abdomen,

– Feeling pain similar to menstrual pain,

– Feeling pressure or a different low back pain in your pelvic area.

If you feel these symptoms, you should definitely call your doctor.

Points need to be considered

In the last 3 months, some expectant mothers may experience sexual urges. During this period, you need to pay attention to some points when having sexual intercourse.

Sexuality at 29 Weeks Pregnancy

It is okay for expectant mothers who have a healthy pregnancy to have sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, it is much safer for expectant mothers to consult their doctors whether there is a problem with sexual intercourse.

It is useful to pay attention to the following about sexuality during pregnancy:

– If your belly is large and the baby moves occasionally, it may prevent you from focusing during sexual intercourse. Be comfortable because the baby’s movement can be an indication that they feel happy inside,

– Breasts should not be overstimulated during sexual intercourse. Because overstimulation of the breasts causes contractions in the uterus,

– A contraction of the uterus in a situation such as an orgasm of the mother is not a problem if it is not a risky pregnancy, but it is still preferable that the expectant mother does not have an orgasm in the last 3 months,

– Moving slowly during sex during pregnancy also eliminates the feeling that your baby will be harmed,

– The side lying position where the man is behind, called spooning, is the most ideal position. In the meantime, don’t forget to lie on your left side,

– Your partner should not ejaculate inside you, as the prostaglandin hormone in male semen can cause labor to be triggered. If you have sex with a condom in the last 3 months, you will eliminate this risk.


If you pay attention to all these points, sexual intercourse will not cause premature birth in a healthy pregnancy.

29 Weeks Twin Pregnancy

The abdomen of expectant mothers who are expecting twins this week may be quite swollen. Since there may be bleeding in some twin pregnancies, the expectant mother may need to enter a resting period. The risk of preterm birth is higher in twin pregnancies. Twin births are no different from other births in terms of pain. Since most of the twin babies are formed by IVF, doctors in our country recommend cesarean delivery to the expectant mother by saying that these babies are special babies. However, all babies are special and many twin births can occur normally and without problems. If expectant mothers want normal birth, it would be much more appropriate to give birth with a doctor experienced in twin birth. It should be remembered that even in twin births with an experienced doctor, it is necessary to prepare for all kinds of conditions. There may be a possibility of delivery by cesarean section at any time. Or the first baby may be born normal, but the pearl can be delivered by cesarean section. If both babies are born with normal birth, the average delivery time between the two babies is 20 minutes. If expectant mothers who have twin normal births are adequately supported and a natural birth environment is provided, they can have a very pleasant and positive birth experience.

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