Bebeğimin Sinirli Görünmesi Normal mi?

Is It Normal for My Baby to Look to Seem Irritable?

Yes. Even newborns can become angry if they wake up hungry and are not fed immediately.
As all tired, new parents know, babies cry. They need to be fed or changed. Because babies get sick or suffer easily. And some babies react more negatively and intensely to the world. The result: a fussy, angry baby.

Real tantrums angry behaviour usually doesn’t start until a baby is 12-18 months old but your baby’s angry crying may seem like a smaller version of one. If your baby is fussy throughout the day but doesn’t need to be fed or changed, it could be for a different reason. Some babies cry to release tension or burn off excess energy, and eventually some of them have to fall asleep while crying.

Even babies who are not yet able to move on their own can become frustrated and angry when trying to explore their environment, but they are not yet in a position to do what they want.

If you suspect that an illness or pain is the cause of your baby’s incessant crying, seek medical advice immediately. However, if he/she looks healthy, if he/she seems quite relaxed, there may not always be a reason for her/his angry crying. How you respond to his/her crying in the next outburst of anger will be very effective.

If your baby has a difficult temperament, it’s especially important to stay calm or let someone else take care of her when she wants a break. Babies can often sense when someone is becoming nervous or impatient, and may react by increasing his/her crying.

Your baby is more likely to become quiet when the surrounding adults are relaxed. Some research has shown that showing calm and soothing parenting responses to difficult infants may even be calmer than infants with a different temperament.

Don’t worry about your baby crying or getting angry. It’s a good idea to respond promptly to her/his needs in these situations. You can’t change your child’s natural temperament, so you may need to find creative ways to soothe him/her.

However, if your baby is constantly distressed and angry or uncomfortable with what is going on around him/her, consult a pediatrician. Thus, you can prevent a possible medical problem.

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