Canbebe Number 2

Canbebe thinks about both your and your baby’s happiness. It is developed by experts and renewed according to your needs. Canbebe’s goal is to always provide the best care. New Canbebe does not contain BPA, paraben and perfume. Soft leg elastics, only available on New Canbebe, leave no marks on your baby’s skin. Thanks to its absorbent-dispersive channels, the new Canbebe absorbs the liquid immediately and distributes it evenly to the cloth. Canbebe’s rapid dryness, of course, gets the approval of the mothers. Canbebe signals when you need to change your baby’s diaper with a color-changing wetness indicator. Thus, it provides full protection on your baby’s skin.

*Non-marking soft leg elastics
* Balanced fluid distribution in the cloth with absorbent-dispersive channels
*Color-changing wetness indicator


BPA, Perfume & Paraben Free

Wetness indicator

Non-marking with soft leg elastics

Baby Diaper Changing Mat

Create a safe space for your baby wherever you are with Canbebe Baby Diaper Changing Mat

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